New Episode of Sommers Schwartz’s Overdue Overtime Podcast Delves into the Fair Labor Standards Act and Employee Rights

Apr 21, 2023

Detroit, Michigan – The episode is the first of a two-part series that aims to provide listeners with a deeper understanding of employee rights and legal protections available to workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Jesse and podcast host Justin Isaac discuss Sommers Schwartz’s efforts to fight for the rights of employees who have experienced unlawful treatment in the workplace. Their insights into the inner workings of a law firm dedicated to advocating for workers provides valuable information to listeners who may be facing employment violations.

Jesse and Justin highlight cases that involve unpaid wages, a common employment issue that many workers face. The episode also covers class action lawsuits, interrogatories, and dispositions, along with delving into the complexities of fighting for employee rights.

“It’s important for people to understand that under the Fair Labor Standards Act, there is an anti-retaliation provision built into the statute itself,” says Jesse. “Your employer is not allowed to retaliate against you under the law. And if they do, there are built-in protections for employees if they do raise an issue with their employer.”

Jesse represents Sommers Schwartz clients in serious employment disputes that involve discrimination, whistleblowing activity, retaliation, terminations, severance negotiations, employment contracts, and compliance. He has appeared in hundreds of wage-and-hour lawsuits and arbitrations under the Fair Labor Standards Act and similar state laws. As a founding member of Sommers Schwartz’s national wage-and-hour practice, Jesse has represented clients in Michigan and across the country.

Overdue Overtime is a podcast that educates employees and lawyers about unpaid wage and overtime lawsuits. Listeners can hear the full episode of “A Day in the Life of a Plaintiff” on their favorite podcast platform.

In case you missed the first episode of Overdue Overtime, “Can I Sue for Working Off the Clock?” catch up here.

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